ZC Zscript and ZC Dev Skype Groups

Rules and General Things to Know

ZScript (original RPG Scripting) Discussion Group

Initiated By: ZoriaRPG*
Founding Members: ZoriaRPG*, Dimentio*, Grayswandir*, TheBlueTophat, ywkls
Second Wave, Principal Members: Binx, Moosh, TeamUDF, Evan, Avataro, SyrianBallaS, Lejes, MoscowModder
Third Wave, Full Members: Shoelace, Zaxarone, Mitsukara, DaviAwesome, Orithan, DarkDragon*
Fourth Wave, 'Noobs': Judasrising, shadowblitz, Russ, Aevin

*Imdicates a member who works on the ZC Sources/Engine.

Member Status
SysOps (Admin/Mod Status): Dimentio, Grayswandir, ZoriaRPG
Ghosts (Absent for 6+ Months) MoscowModder, SyrianBallaS, DaviAwesome, TheBlueTophat, Shoelace
Honourably Retired: Lejes, Avataro
Quitters: Nimono

Tree of Woe:

  •             Lunaria, banned for repeated image spam (after being warned; Rule 9).
  • Rules

    1. We're an elitist bunch of brats. If you have a problem with that, too flipping bad.
    2. We censor...nothing. If you don't like what we're discussing, invest in some very dark shades.
    3. The group topic is ZScript, originally focused on RPG-ish concepts, but..ah well.
    4. We're allowed to go off-topic, and diverge. Get used to that happening pretty often.
    5. Whatever happens in chat, stays in chat. Stop whining to your mates elsewhere.
    6. We post a lot of random code. If that makes you cross-eyed...why do you join a programming discussion group, again?
    7. New people should not be added without discussing it in the chat, among the members. If we like the suggestion, we vote to allow them to join. See '1'.
    8. Back-posting is permitted. If you need to remind someone 'I told you so', the Skype command is 'Control+F'.
                   ( 'Open-Apple + F' for Mac Users, as if you didn't already know...)
    9. No junk posts, no spam, unless it's to get someone that we banned from returning.
    A. Being banned is bad. We can and will find something that irritates you, and spam it perpetually until you get the message.
    B. Only members with some kind of seniority can ban people, and we also do that by voting. See '1'.
    C. Political discussion, rants, kvetching, debates, and other forms of discourse are heavily encouraged.
    D. The group language is English, which means absolutely nothing.
    E. Any member may change the group title no more than thirteen times in any given day.
    F. Setting the group title to something containing the name 'Moosh', or any reasonable derivative may occur no more than five times in a given day, unless Moosh is not present.
    10. A majority vote of the existing participants in favour of adding a new participant is required to add anyone. This is the only way you get in.
    11. Participants that lurk, will not be counted as part of the majority during a vote, unless they are present during the vote.
    12. Fictitious quoting of members in the group is prohibited, even in jest.
    13. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    ZC Dev Group

    This is a Skype group for those working on the ZC Sources for ZC [2.future] and 'canonical' Zelda Classic; and beta testers thereof.

    Initiated by ZoriaRPG
    Founding members: ZoriaRPG, Dimentio, Grayswandir
    Additional members: DarkDragon, ywkls (tester)
    Ghostly members: SyrianBallaS

    1. This groups focuses on absurd, extreme elitism. That means, it's invitation-only, for those of you who don't get the hint, or the sarcasm.
    2. Adding a member requires a vote of the existing members.
    3. The new member should in some way be interested in, and able to work on the ZC source with us.
    4. If the prospective member has other redeeming qualities, we may forego (3).
    5. If the prospective member has fantastic programming skills, and is mad enough to participate in the dev process, we may forego (2).
    6. Likewise, bribes may work.
    7. 'What, no 7?'
    8. Group discussion is limited to actual ZC development, and the madness it brings.
    9. ZC Beta testers are now permitted to join.